Thursday, 3 April 2014

Failure Tastes Like Pie

Failure Tastes Like Pie

What the hell. I have been diagnosed with CANCER, they canceled my deployment, and you guys can't even post on here? Sorry if my excuse is lame and hate me if you like, but damn, Justin counted on all of us to help out. Woot woot! Love ya'll.
Hello and goodbye. Gots to go play Army for a while. Its been fun. Just plagiarize what I have written and posted so far and make it a book. You won't find better reading. Maybe if I have some time on the flipside you all will get to enjoy my writing again. And by you all, I mean the 2 people who read this blog.We are open to any suggestions or comments. If you would like your link added, let us know as well. Please add us to your Blogrolls and Links! If you would like to be a contributor, let us know!

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